Forty years as a town planner.

2021 sees me celebrating 40 years as a planning consultant and over 30 years running my own planning consultancy firm. Throughout my working life I have been attacking client's problems with gusto. Solving them and so smoothing the path to the desired outcome is something that I never cease to find rewarding.

Though I work as a free agent, I do not work alone

On a daily basis I work in partnership with architects, highway engineers, surveyors, ecologists and other professionals to create bespoke specialist teams which I then normally lead. I also work with solicitors and instruct barristers through the direct access arrangement.

I also work with solicitors and barristers where complex cases require a legal input.

Do you have a challenging planning matter that is causing you headaches right now?

You may even have instructed a planning consultancy previously and been dissatisfied with progress. Whatever the circumstances, I would be delighted to provide you with a fresh point of view.

Simply email me through my CONTACT section. Or, if you prefer, please call me direct on 07843597782

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