I have been an independent planning consultant for many years. This background makes me a good deal more commercial in my approach than those who have only recently become consultants after working in the confines of local authority planning departments.

As a result, I never think in black and white. Instead I create strategies – imaginative ways to present a scheme that I know will satisfy the real-world demands of the planning system. In so many case my instant reaction is, ‘I’ve dealt with this in the past and I know what the approach should be.’
Another benefit of my independence, of course, is that I have a full grasp of each case from the overview right down to the fine details. So, when clients call me, I can give them instant information and advice.

Contrast this to a typical conversation with a team member in a consultancy firm who will inevitably have to refer the matter to those higher up. My way of working is not only successful, it is also very reassuring and time-efficient for clients.

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